Laser Prostate Surgery

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Dr. Rahul Yadav is a Laser Surgeon with a successful career of more than a decade.

Laser Prostate surgery is to relieve urinary obstruction caused by enlarged prostate after appropriate evaluation with different parameters like Ultrasound for prostate size, post void residual urine and uroflowmetry etc.

Laser Surgery has many advantages as compared to other methods of treatment (i.e. TURP) like less risk of bleeding, shorter hospital stay, quicker recovery and more immediate results. A Laser is also used to defragment stones in ureter or kidneys with less chances of retropulsion.

Lasers use concentrated light to generate precise and intense heat. There are several different types of prostate laser surgery, including:

  • Photoselective vaporization of the prostate (PVP). A laser is used to melt away (vaporize) excess prostate tissue and enlarge the urinary channel.
  • Holmium laser ablation of the prostate (HoLAP). This procedure is similar to PVP, but uses a different type of laser.
  • Holmium laser enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP). A laser is used to cut and remove the excess tissue that is blocking the urethra. Another instrument is then used to cut the prostate tissue into small pieces that are easily removed. HoLEPcan be an option for men who have a severely enlarged prostate. Selection for the type of laser prostate surgery depends on indications after discussion with the Urologist.

Dr. Rahul Yadav is the one of the best laser surgeon for all these procedures for patients where it is indicated.


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